This is dumb – Made in the USA

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✅ Printed in the USA.

✅ Reusable, machine-washable

✅ Two Layers, Waterproof, Breathable.

✅ Fast Shipping – Same Day (No more than 8 working days, normally 6 days)

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This is dumb – Made in the USA. Use masks to protect the health of yourself and the community. All products are made to order and printed to the best standards available. Masks are made of antibacterial fabric. The products are printed with the best technology to resemble images. With good material for health and protect you from pathogens, dirt,…


– Printed in the USA
Comfy two layers protective face mask with black soft stretch ear straps:
+ Inside layer consists of soft & cozy ultra breathable nylon spandex.
+ Outer layer consists of antimicrobial micro-knit polyester.

– Reusable, machine-washable.
– Waterproof, breathable.
– One size fits all.
– Black elastic ear loops.
– Outer layer designed for printing photo-quality artwork.
– Non-medical grade, not intended for clinical use.

This is dumb – Made in the USA

This is dumb - Made in the USA

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– Fast Shipping – Same Day (No more than 4 working days, normally 2 days)

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